12 May 2014

Van Dammes - The VD EP - Review

Van Dammes - The VD EP - Review

Van Dammes - The VD EP - Review

Van Dammes has freshly released their debut The VD EP. This brief but loud four-song record is full of garage, punk and indie music, striking like a cobra.

So far The VD EP has gained airplay on popular Finnish radio stations YleX and Radio Helsinki. In addition, Daniel, the first of the four music videos of the VD EP, is now available in Youtube.

Van Dammes were originally formed in Brussels in 2013 but at the moment all the members (Ilkka Hildén, Markus Kujawa, Jussi Roine, Juho Talja) live in Helsinki, Finland.

This E.P. is a barrage of the senses. Gloriously punk it doesn't hesitate to grab you by the scrotum and swing you around the room for 20 minutes.

From tracks 1-4 you cannot help but nod your head vigorously and root through your cupboard for that old pair of Dr Martens to put on and stomp around in.

Sexy Apartment in particular makes you imagine only what this so called sexy apartment actually looks like. I had images of and empty beer can strewn floor with a red light pulsating somewhere in a nearby kitchen. Both humorous and raw at times it drags you in and wont let you out.

With influences obviously coming from the likes of the Ramones I loved listening to this and hope to hear more from the Finnish 4 soon! In fact I'm off now to listen to it again.

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