7 July 2014

Femcee BGR releases her mix-tape RedNBlack

Femcee BGR mix-tape RedNBlack

Femcee BGR releases her mix-tape RedNBlack

Last year the young East London femcee BGR brought the world of verbal assassins to attention with her deep lyrical flow. From Durrty Goodz (where she featured with him on SBTV), English Frank-‘she’s one of the best emcees not femcees out there right now’ to RoxXxane they have all have been taken by the 22 year old’s ability to rhyme tight.

This year things got off to a great start: she featured on the UK hip-hop legendary station Itch FM and collaborated with Popek (who has worked with Wiley to Big Narstie) on the track I Am Calm which is already on 174,000 hits and 39,000 for the official video. Further than that BGR is due to feature in the new film (click for trailer) Through the lens of Hip-Hop: UK Hip-Hop which is due for release on the same day as her mix-tape.

Finally her growing fan base get their wish and BGR drops her mix-tape Red n Black a veritable ensemble of genre crossing beats (with one or two genres that will surprise) held together by BGR’s in your face bars that never shy away from any subject be that domestic violence or indeed anger management.

While she is signed to the legendary label Ill Flava owned by UK hip-hop stalwart Karl Hinds, Red N Black is not so much a hip-hop mix-tape but rather a lyric mix-tape that is the beginning of a journey to bring to a London, Uk and evidently world wide audience her individual swagger.

As BGR states-‘I just want the chance for people to hear me’

Becca Wren (ex-Project Manager at SBTV)

Spitting raw rhymes with a unique flow, BGR is one of the UK's brightest new MC talents regardless of gender: a pleasure to film with at SBTV.

BGR is one of UK's most raw and gifted emceez
DJ Sammy Itch FM-

'BGR is gonna be the next rapper to blow the scene apart with her lyrical skill!'

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