31 August 2010


From the first time I came across Kof, singing an acoustic set in a laundrette at the MAPS festival a few years ago, I knew we would be hearing more from this extremely talented and versatile young man over the coming years, and thankfully i was right as we were at the O2 Academy in Liverpool for his E.P. launch "Fire it Up" featuring none other than Wiley!
With a line up of up and coming R&B talent including Chelsee Grimes who performed a great little set. It isn't hard to see why she is being tipped for stardom, even though her style would cater more for the mainstream Lady Ga Ga fans.
When the highly anticipated headliner Kof, finally took to the stage to the full on bass and beats of "DJ Put It Louder" the crowd were soon bouncing along to it and joining in with him. Next up was the cheeky "I Don't Smoke The Reefer" which contains various narrative samples and a tune so catchy it'll give you brain itch for days. The bass went even louder for " Bass Face" which saw Kof doing a very good impression of Jay Z when demonstrating his very own Bass Face which he then encouraged the crowd to do along with him.
Showing off his true vocal talent with a collaboration with Keisha Santos for an acoustic mix of "I Wanna Be A Billionaire", we got to see a voice that can go from raw hip hop to gentle mellow tones that could melt even the hardest of hearts.
Finally we got to the single of the moment "Fire It Up". A beat laden track with help on vocals by Chelsee Grimes that complimented each other perfectly and the energy exuding from them ensured the crowd were swept along with it.
As E.P. launches go, Kof should be proud of himself as this was one with the most talented musicians and vocalists from Liverpool I have seen in many years.

Words: Alison Goggin

Kof ft Wiley & Chelcee Grimes - 'Fire It Up' from MTV - The Wrap Up on Vimeo.

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