2 June 2010

Paris Riots - Night and Day Cafe - Hungry Pigeon 2010

The Paris riots closed the Hungry Pigeon Festival in the Night and Day café with a full on rock and roll rampage with lead singer, Toby Connor, taking centre stage and using the limited space to its full potential. Varying their musical sounds from in your face rock and roll to slow building, crescendo ridden songs these guys certainly know how to put on a show to watch. None more than Toby who climbs over speakers, slides across walls and plays up to the photographer’s cameras in the way a young Jim Morrison might or even, for you grunge kids, a young Eddie Vedder. There may be nothing original in this cavorting and erratic behaviour but it brings a breath a fresh air to the usual standing there and looking miserable that so many new bands have adopted. And though a lot of the sound is derivative of sounds from the 60s/70s it doesn’t deprive the audience member of a thoroughly entertaining show and Toby walking off the stage before the final song had come to a close was pure rock and roll!

Reviews by Alison Goggin

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