13 March 2013

MusicMafia presents Dirtybuzz


MusicMafia presents Dirtybuzz

Back when Dirtybuzz started creating music he didn’t have his own computer, neither direction nor guidance. This was Manchester 2005 and throughout his final high school year began playing at the thought at creating music. He had played classical instruments in the past but that’s another story.

Once he started using hardware for production it took his music to another level. In 2009 to 2010 he was acquiring more hardware and started to take his music more seriously than ever.

In his early production days Dirtybuzz was heavily influenced by hip hop, a side effect that has given his music a unique twist. He uses rhythm as melody and melody as rhythm.

Dirtybuzz is always experimenting and creating new sounds that continue to inspire the people around him. Other producers and vocalists want to work with him; they say no one can get the sound like his, even when he is engineering other musicians’ tracks.

DJ’s and Music labels have been following his development closely waiting for the next best thing to come from his home studio.  He has been approached to be signed multiple times but dismissed the offers as he felt he always could do better musically. He believes every track is improved one way or another over the last.

He composes , arranges, engineers, produces and masters each track by himself.

In December 2012 Dirtybuzz took to the art of DJing. With his past musical roots and strong experimental methods he learnt the basics and had his first paid gig within a week. After a couple of months he was invited to do a 40 minute radio set for a radio station broadcast from Aiya Nappa.  Naturally the 40 minutes of music was all his own.

This brings us to now. After being featured on BBC Introducing he feels ready and confident. He wants the world to hear his sound and join him on his journey.

He currently has a strong following on Facebook, Soundcloud and twitter. According to Soundcloud only around 50% of his views and followers are from the UK.

Dirtybuzz says it’s “Music Made to Make you Move” which embodies the spirit of his production.


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